Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Hints for Tripl3 eGo Users!

The most common problem we encounter is the battery lock feature. When you receive your eGo, the battery is locked. To unlock, simply click the button five times quickly. You will see the button flash three times, indicating that you have unlocked the battery. Now you can start vaping!

There are several parts to your Tripl3 eGo and if you understand them properly, you may extend the life of your product through proper care.

  • eGo - a unit comprised of battery, clearomizer, and mouthpiece
  • Battery - a lithium-ion battery provides the power to make it all happen
  • Clearomizer/Tank - heating element that holds the eLiquids
  • Mouthpiece - enables you to inhale the vapor; often interchangeable
  • Charger - to keep your battery operational and charged

This video will take you through all the basic of using, cleaning, and charging your eGo and Clearomizers.

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